Get The Caffeine Out Of Your Life With Swiss Water

Decaffeination refers to the process of removing caffeine from something that naturally contains caffeine. More than sixty species of globally occurring plant species contain some form of caffeine. Some people want to enjoy certain drinks or beverages but don’t want to ingest caffeine. This could be due to health problems or a misunderstanding of what caffeine can do to your body. There is nothing to be afraid of because caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical substance that has minimal detrimental health consequences when it used in moderation.

Why decaf. coffee?

Some people just can’t tolerate caffeine. They may enjoy beverages that naturally contain caffeine. For these people they can choose a decaffeinated version of the beverage. Coffee and tea are conventionally decaffeinated using toxic chemicals. There are organic decaffeinated teas and coffees that use water to remove the caffeine. Swiss Water Processed Decaf. is an excellent method to decaffeinate coffee. Many companies provide certified organic Fair Trade Swiss Water Decaf. coffees such as Nectar of Life.

Swiss Water Decaffeinated

The Swiss Water Process is an organic certified method to remove caffeine from coffee. It utilizes hot water to remove the caffeine from a batch of green coffee beans. The initial batch of beans is discarded and the flavor filled water retained. The water is ran through a preferential filter that removes the caffeine, but leaves the flavor behind. This flavor charged water is used to decaffeinate the next batch of green coffee beans. The flavor charged water helps preserve the flavor of the decaffeinated coffee. This process is expensive, but results in a very flavorful decaf. coffee.

Whatever your reasons for not wanting to consume caffeine it is advisable to only drink certified organic decaf. coffee. You don’t want to experience the detrimental effects of chemical byproducts of conventional decaffeinated coffee. You can find Swiss Water Processed decaf. coffees online or at your local natural food store.